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The skills and qualifications suggested for entering the field of underwater welding are generally recognized as an experienced welder-diver with commercial diving skills. This means you should be familiar with the use of specialized commercial diving equipment, have an understanding of diving physiology, safety, rigging, the underwater environment and communication. You should also be proficient in weld setup and preparation skills such as those tasks typically assigned to a fitter or rigger, such as materials alignment and materials preparation including beveling, stripping of concrete, fitting a steel patch or repair plate. In addition, you will have to certify to a required underwater weld procedure.
The majority of work performed by an average welder-diver does not involve the welding operation itself, but rather executing the tasks that lead up to and follow the actual welding activities. Most important is a welder-diver must possess both certified welder skills and commercial diving skills. As a general rule, candidates seeking underwater welding as a career will decide whether or not they are comfortable with their career choice after completing basic commercial dive training.
Important issues to consider: Age and physical limitations
There is no age restriction on commercial welder-divers. The commercial diving profession is physical demanding. It is rare to see an active commercial welder-diver over the age of 50. It is recommended and generally required that all commercial divers pass an annual dive physical. Some companies may have other requirements, subject to the regulations of the country where they are located or if the specific job has requirements beyond the standard.
Career Opportunity
Like many professions, work availability is always subject to: supply vs. demand, the economics of a given industry, whether you are free to relocate outside your place of residence (including overseas), and other related skills you have in addition to diving and welding. Recently the devastating weather such as hurricanes has created employment opportunities for those trained in under water welding..
There are a number of career opportunities for experienced welder-divers. Many go on to become engineers, instructors, and diving operations supervisors, qualify as AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), and serve as consultants for underwater welding operations and other related fields..
A career as a welder-diver can serve as a stepping stone to other opportunities for those who choose the profession.

The demand for qualified commercial divers, especially in the gulf of Mexico, is astounding, Why? According to an article in a recent issue of Underwater Magazine, the deepwater sector of the Gulf of Mexico has become the industry’s most active bit of real estate. This means that the reservoir finds have led to potentially dramatic growth in the U.S Crude reserves, which in turn could pull up the nation’s production numbers.As a result, major oil companies have made a long-term commitment to exploration and development in the Gulf’s deep water.

In other words, Gulf oil output is surging to it highest-ever levels, and this surge of activity requires the knowledge and skills of qualified commercial divers.

Finally we take great pride in offering you the most up-to-date diving instruction in a safe environment. Additionally we are in a prime location for open-water diving – down here in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the St. Johns River and the Gulf of Mexico. We have it all! Expertise, location, and the commitment to assist you in becoming the most skilled, professional, sought after commercial diver in the industry. Welcome to the fascinating world of commercial diving
Underwater Diving and Welding Technology Course
Course Name: Diving Technician Course
Approved By: Industry recognized
Eligibility Criteria: Four and half months
Eligibility Criteria: 10th Pass or Company Sponsorship letter.
Must be medically fit for diving.
Age:- 18yrs to 35 yrs.




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