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Educational Division
SUNRISE Education consultancy is with prime objective of to provider career counseling & admission guidance in almost all professional courses throughout Indio. Also the objective is to be clear that what the candidates want and to let them know various aspects of technical education.

Due to increase the no. of professional colleges day to day plus their location in the length & breadth of the country, it is not feasible for parents to visit each college to know the exact status regarding the institution. Even virtual visit to these sites doesn’t serve the purpose. Moreover, there may be another institution which is much better than they have chosen but “later known means the chance gone”.

Hence, Sunrise consultancy provides the platform for the eligible candidates and their parents to select the well reputed colleges with whom we have the tie-ups and to select the various courses as per their financial status and their interest and aptitude.

Sunrise thus covers up the gaps between the students and the professional institutions especially the students of a small towns and shall be providing students to our associate colleges/Institutions on a national/ regional level i.e. the country in Punjab,Haryana,H.P,Delhi,Agra,Rajasthan(Neemrana,Jaipur),Karnataka,Maharashtra,G.Noida,Bhubaneshwar(orissa) & Chennai also.

Our Associates are in:
Merchant Navy
AME & C. Pilot
Mass Communication
Hotel Management
Air Hostess

A goal that has today helped us becomes a name synonymous with world class international student advice centre. These strengths combine to make sunrise a company with a promising future that we are out to fulfill. We offer you a time tested and cost effective process that enable a quick admission and smooth process. Our expertise extends to guiding you through every step of your admission process. Our expertise in the fields of education has made us time-tested resources in helping students to gain admission for suitable courses in recognized universities across India.

Mission: Sunrise is a professional educational consultancy firm, gives unlimited study opportunities students across India. We help students to make right education decisions.

Our strengths: A team of informed and committed senior education advisors/counselors who understand the need of the students and their parents. We firmly believe in customer service to the students and our client institutions. Our strongly student centered approach to counseling means; we give students the fullest possible information on the all available options to help them make sensible decisions

Why sunrise?
Sunrise have emerged a genuine “ONE STOP SERVICE CENTRE FOR STUDENT AND PARENTS”. They are a solution oriented company who specified in advising students and parents on higher education planning and individual profiles within the constraints may be educational, financial or personnel. Their operating philosophy is student interest first. This is implemented to non. Commercial extremes when advising on course, universities or career pathways. Sunrise offers comprehensive and value added services which include:

• Career counseling through expertise
• Course selection depends on student.
• College Selection.
• Admission Selection.
• Economical Package, no hidden lost.
• Guarantee admission.
• Hassle free processing

Sunrise Division “Provides a total career counseling & Admission guidance” to the aspirants in the field related to:
1. Engineering
2. Medical
3. Paramedical
4. Management.
5. Marine ( Merchant Navy).

Career Counseling
Ask yourself these questions?
1. Is your life on track.?
2. Do you know where you are heading?
3. Will you be winner or an unthinking loser?
4. Are you in the best course in college?
5. Are you applying to the best institution/ Universities?
6. Are you doing what you want after examining all the option available to you?
7. Will the course deliver what you really want out of your professional life?
8. Will the chosen university be the best choice for you?

Sky is the limit for the people who choose the course and career as per their talent and aptitude.


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